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Fredric A. Almond,Sr. author of Scarred For Life: Stabbed 39 Times and Forgave on CBN’s The 700 Club.
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Fahren Johnson, author of A View of Redemption, appears on CBN’s The 700 Club Interactive.
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Scarred For Life: Stabbed 39 Times and Forgave author Fredric A. Almond, Sr. appears on The Bio Channel’s I SURVIVED show.
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Fredric A. Almond,Sr. author of Scarred For Life: Stabbed 39 Times and Forgave interview on CBS’s WTVR Channel 6 News.
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Pastors Reginald & Kelley Steele, authors of Get Out of the Boat & Depression Defeated: Your Pit Has a Purpose appear on the Word Network with Bishop Greg Davis.
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Pastors Reginald & Kelley Steele, authors of Get Out of the Boat & Depression Defeated: Your Pit Has a Purpose appear on TBN.
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Dr. Dee Dee & Brelyn Freeman, authors of How A Pastor’s Wife Can Help or Hurt a Church and Drop It Like It’s Hot on Fox 5 News in Washington D.C.
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Dr Will Moreland, author of The Power Series, Lifting Up a Standard and Genius Potential appears on the Morning Scramble show in Phoenix, Arizona.
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The Heart of A Mother -by-  Y.J. GreenYvonne Green- The Heart of A Mother

The Heart of a Mother is the poignant true story of Specialist Toccara R. Green, a United States Army soldier and a young lady who truly lived her dream, which to some, seemed to have sparked an early death, but to others opened a new doorway of life which holds great purpose. Through reading about Specialist Green's legacy, you will take on a new perspective about reaching your goals in the time you've been blessed with. This young lady proves that every cloud has a silver lining, and even the gloomiest outlook can have a comforting end. The Heart of a Mother is quite revealing and inspiring and helps you to appreciate the people and things that life has offered you.

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Holy Spirit by Deborah Hunter

One Flesh by Keith Green

Flawless by Angela Armstrong

The Due Process by Albert and Hilary Amara

The Making of a Daughter


Daily Word



In an age where so much chaos and confusion has enveloped our world, where do we turn for answers? The Church is seen as the only answer, but where do we turn as Believers when even the Church is lost and confused? Jesus, as He ascended into Glory, commanded His disciples to tarry, or wait, for another....Holy Spirit. He knew they could not witness of His Resurrection without His power, His authority, on the inside of them. Many denominations do not believe in Holy Spirit; many choose to omit these very scriptures from their teachings, but if we are to walk in the full power and authority of God in this earth, we MUST consider the "full counsel" of God's Word and implement it all in our daily lives. Who is Holy Spirit? What is His assignment in our lives; in the earth? Join author Deborah G. Hunter on a miraculous journey into the purpose of the One, The Promise, left for God's people. An in depth study that will transform your walk with God, including:

  • The Person of Holy Spirit
  • The Purpose of Holy Spirit
  • The Position of Holy Spirit
  • The Power of Holy Spirit
  • The Promise of Holy Spirit
  • The Partnership of Holy Spirit..
  • .and Much More!

Pre-Orders: $16.99 + FREE SHIPPING Available April 26, 2016

New Release

All throughout the Bible, we see men and women with great promises from the Lord, but we also witness the pain, struggle, trials, temptations & tribulations they had to go through in order to reach their Promised Land.
Many want the Promise without the Process, but God desires to produce the fruit of the Spirit within us, so that we are able to walk humbly in His promise for our lives. In "The Wilderness", author Deborah G. Hunter reveals the heart of God for His people in this painful, but necessary season in their lives. It was through brokenness, tremendous loss, submission & worship that Job, and many others in the Bible, received their promise, but they first had to endure their "process" before they could receive all that God purposed for their lives.

Hunter shares her own personal tests & trials in her "wilderness" over a period of five years, which is sure to inspire & encourage any believer!
This book will share topics, such as:

*Predestined for Purpose
*Drenched: The Place of Submerging
*From the Mountaintop to the Valley
*The Beauty of Brokenness
*The Wall of Worship

.....and much more!

The Wilderness: A Place of Preparation, The Making of Sons by: Deborah G. Hunter


New Release

The Substance of Things Hoped ForFor thirty-five years, Dennis has lived these truths as a missionary to the nations. After ingesting decades of simplistic, formulaic, hyper-faith theology, isn't it time to return to the simple wonderment of child-like faith the way it was intended to be? This unapologetic missive of comfort and freedom in Christ is not for the critic, the theologian or the cynic. It has been written for the man whose body is riddled with cancer, the insomniac, the teenage addict, the jobless father, the rape victim, the homeless mother, and the pastor on the verge of quitting the ministry the desperate, the seeker, the broken, the poor, the wounded and the thirsty!


Dr. Dennis Sempebwa


New Release

The Substance of Things Hoped ForI woke up on my birthday in 2005 with the realization that my life was going to change for the better. I did not hear an audible voice or receive a cryptic message; rather, my entire being--mind, soul, spirit, body--was filled with this revelation. Despite my subsequent faith failure, God brought an incredible man into my life in the fall of 2006, and I experienced love far beyond my hopes and dreams. We married in 2008, and every day was bliss. I had not known this kind of love existed outside of fairy tales. Quietly and without warning, my love moved to heaven in the early morning hours on March 22, 2011. Through the grief and tears that followed over the next few years, an intimate relationship with God began, with healing of all the losses in my life and the pain of the past. He has changed my mind, my heart, my hopes and desires, through His amazing love and grace, and in the process He has given me a beautiful love story to share.

By: Iris Long


Author Spotlight


Reginald Steele


The simple fact is singleness is not a disease and we must not treat it as a burden. There are so many things we can do freely as singles without the responsibility of answering to anyone. It's a time of self discovery which will surface our likes, dislikes, insecurities, strengths, dreams and much more. I have found that singleness is a gift that many try to avoid. Interestingly enough, there are sublevels of attitude toward singleness. For some, singleness is considered a curse which carries with it much stress. For some, as time passes, the feelings of desperation increases which leads to many wrong choices. For some, they receive I feel sorry for you pity from married people which could magnify resentment. For some, loneliness becomes an unwanted companion. The key is to find joy and connection in this life other than depending on a person to make us happy. Yes, singleness can be bitter-sweet but savor the sweetness! Become purpose driven and focus on fulfilling it. Discover the blessings and opportunities of singleness. We have the gift of TIME to go after the things of God!

Roland W.Burris

The Man Who Stood Up to be Seated

On November 4, 2008, the world watched history unfold. Some watched in despair; some in joy; but all in amazement. In his eighteen-minute, history-making acceptance speech, the nation s newly-elected, 44th President, Barack Obama, cautioned the world that the challenges tomorrow will be the greatest of our lifetime. Little did Roland Burris know how accurately those words described the rough and acrimonious time that soon would overshadow his own successful thirty-year political career? The challenges he would face during that tumultuous period would be among the greatest of his lifetime. It is a known fact that being the first of anything comes with a price. However, having been a trailblazer all his life, a destiny which he sincerely believes was one that was assigned to him, not one he personally chose, he can tell you the strides accomplished were well-worth the anguish. Join Roland W. Burris on the journey of his life and career in 'The Man Who Stood Up to Be Seated: The Memoirs of Roland W.Burris'.


Featured Books

Reginald & Kelley Steele

Reginald Steele

Reginald T. Steele is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Kingdom in the Valley Christian Church, located in Arizona. His teaching and preaching are both practical and powerful, encouraging men and women to live up to their full potential in Christ. Pastor Steele is a regular host on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and is the Producer of 'Making a Difference'. He is also the founder and host of Kingdom Conference, an annual event that draws nationally known speakers to impart into the lives of God's people. Pastor Reginald is married to his high school sweetheart, Kelley Steele. He is a dedicated father to their five children.

Pastor Reginald Steele's second book will take you to an entirely new
level in your thinking, as well as your purpose in the Kingdom! This book
is about vision and growth. In order to elevate the Kingdom of God on the
earth, the body of Christ must mature. In order for the body of Christ to
mature, the local church must be doing their part in their Kingdom
assignment. To make it possible for the local body to be doing their part,
the individual saint must recognize, accept and do their part in the local
body. Learn about submission, authority and doing your part to help
"Elevate God's Kingdom"!

Pastor Reginald Steele

Allow Pastor Reginald T. Steele to throw you a lifeline that will propel you into realizing the fullness of God and His promises for your life.

You will learn how to:

-Begin to take risks and trust God
-Alter your thinking
-Prune the relationships and things around you
-Stretch your faith and walk in obedience And Much More...

Learn to Get Out of the Boat!


Get Out of the boat by Reginald Steele

Get Out of the Boat
When is the last time you took a risk and trusted God with everything? Now is the most opportune time to let go and allow God to manifest His promises in your life. Step out of the boat in the natural and watch God do the Super! Don’t continue to forfeit your favor because you are comfortable just existing. God’s Word tells us in Luke 2:52 that “Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with both God and men”, and since we are heirs and joint heirs with Jesus, God’s Word applies to us.

Pastor Reginald T. & Kelley Steele

Depression Defeated:Your Pit Has a Purpose


Kelley Steele is the Co-Pastor of Kingdom in the Valley Christian Church located in Arizona alongside her husband, Reginald Steele. Over a decade of ministry, teaching, counseling and living out the principles found in God’s Word enable her to teach with warmth and strength. Her message is always straightforward, real and will encourage you in your walk with Christ. She is a wife, mother, co-pastor, author, teacher, conference speaker, recording artist, role model and mentor.

Kelley Steele

Depression Defeated: Your Pit
Has a Purpose

Why am I here? Who said I couldn’t make it? How did I lose my job, my home, everything? What happened to my marriage, my family? Where do I go from here? I really don’t care, I feel like I’m dying anyway! Have you asked these questions or made these statements, wondering what is going on and feeling like you are in a dark place, a pit even. Feeling like Joseph, who also had vision but was placed in a pit after sharing his vision with others. Well, this bible based self-help book will help you understand the purpose of your pit and help you defeat depression.

Pastor Kelley Steele shares her heart and teaches you:

-What the pit is
-How to recognize the symptoms of depression
-Seeing God’s purpose
-How to defeat depression
And much more...

Book of the Month

It Could Have Been MeNew author Jasmine Townsend releases her first book entitled: "It Could Have Been Me: Homosexuality Had Me, Jesus Saved Me!" Jasmine not only shares the pain, hurt & struggles she faced as a child, but also exposes the onset of her battle with homosexuality. She draws us in, not to offend or defend, but with love & compassion for the One who saved her. Townsend is a twenty-two-year old young woman who found her true identity in Christ Jesus, and shares with us the hope, joy & faith that has overtaken her entire life. Truly an inspiring and life-altering true story!


It Could Have Been Me: Homosexuality Had Me, Jesus Saved Me
By: Jasmine Townsend



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By: Sean A. Wilson.

LIfe Throught The Eys of a Butterfly


The idea for Caged was birthed from Molly's passion to not only bring awareness about human trafficking and its prevalence in our everyday society, but also to help fund organizations that are fighting to end this horrid modern-day slavery. Caged was produced under the umbrella of www.traffickingHOPE.com, an organization dedicated to rescue and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking. 100% of its proceeds will go towards this organization.

Purchase book at www.cagedthebook.org.




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